Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bathing suit

Bathing suit ... aka ... evil embarrassment outfit.

I am no longer in denial about weighing 30lbs more than I ever have. This year I am completely dreading & terrified of the upcoming bathing suit season. I am going on a 4-day cruise in September and my body is sooooo not ready to be displayed in public. I have not truly experienced summer with the discomfort of having no waist, and a large bum covered with cellulite but nursing school has generously provided the means for me to experience such a nightmare! Ha, ha! UGH! I have a lot of work ahead of me ... step one ... get off the couch and go to a gym. LOL.

Time ... where is the time???

OK, I have nursing school classes, studying, Reserves, work, volunteer hours, house cleaning & wife duties to attend to ... WHEN exactly am I supposed to fit in workout time? The days I could probably squeeze it in I am too exhausted to go. I have basically done nothing. I still haven't signed up for the YMCA and I am so not dieting. I did replace my usual junk food with the "100 calorie" alternative. UGH!